Currently, we offer direct dials and email addresses of key decision-makers in India. We’re aiming to incorporate global data in near future.

Expand Your Prospecting Database with Kipplo API

Boost the effectiveness of your prospecting database with Kipplo's API, ensuring precision and enhancing responsiveness.

Expand Your Prospecting Database with Kipplo API

Enrich Existing Data

Enrich obsolete contact databases effortlessly. You can turn any LinkedIn URL profile
into trustworthy contact details with the click of a button.
Full Name
Full Name
Cell Number
Phone Number
Work Email
Work Email
Secondary Email
Secondary Email
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How it works

Once you provide the LinkedIn profile URL, Kipplo  API searches our extensive B2B repository for the most up-to-date contact information and replaces obsolete information with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Kipplo guarantees that you only access the most recent and trustworthy contact information.

How it works

Who will benefit from Kipplo API?

Help Sales Reps in
Converting More Leads

Our API-enriched data will enable your sales
representatives to have more insightful conversations
and increase conversions.

Sales Representative

Help Marketers refine their marketing operations

Marketers can boost their marketing activities quickly by obtaining fast access to highly responsive email addresses and phone number.

Recruiters, hire a skilled workforce

Connect with the enormous talent pool
on LinkedIn to find the right match for 
your organization.

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