Currently, we offer direct dials and email addresses of key decision-makers for India region. We’re aiming to incorporate global data in near future.

Privacy Policy

Last updated : 22, June, 2023

This literature concerns our policies and procedures for collecting, processing, and disclosing your personal information when using our services. The policy goes into great detail regarding your privacy rights and their legal implications. By using our services, you consent to collecting and using your information in line with this privacy policy.


In accordance with this privacy policy:

  1. Account: An exclusive account for the user to access our service or access a portion of our service.
  2. Device: The medium of access to the service (Mobile phone, computer, or digital tablet).
  3. Personal data: Any data that can be used to identify an individual
  4. Service: The website is referred as the service
  5. Website: Refers to Kipplo, accessible from
  6. Usage data: Refers to the automatically collected data while using the service
  7. You: The individual, company, or other legal entity accessing or using our services
What Do We Do?

We provide businesses with active and accurate contact data along with services to help find the right prospects from multiple industries with our comprehensive B2B database for their marketing and sales requirements.

Our Approach

We gather data from publicly available sources, commonly accessed from websites or the internet. This data is further segregated and saved in our database before being made available to businesses looking to enhance their marketing, prospecting, or other sales requirements. Our algorithm scans the internet to retrieve public information and understands the pattern of the available board-line numbers and email addresses.

How We Use The Service & Website Information
Types of data collected

While using our website and services, we could ask you for certain personal information to get in touch with you or recognize you as a user. Some of the personal data is included here; however, it is not exhaustive:

  • Email addresses
  • First and last name
  • Phone Number
  • Address, State, province, city, Postal code
  • Usage Data
Usage data

When a user begins utilizing our services, the data is gathered automatically. Usage data may comprise your tool’s IP address, web browser type and version, time spent by the user on service pages, and other data.

When you use your mobile device to access our services, the data is gathered automatically, data such as, the type of device you are using, its unique ID and IP address, and the type of browsers you are using. When you use our services on a mobile device, we may also collect the data your web browser transmits.

 We use your service data to:

  • Evaluate and improve our services
  • Assess how the service is being used
  • Manage and configure the service
  • Develop new tools, products and services that may be utilized internally or provided to customers

We use your website data to:

  • Authenticate your identity and build your account
  • Learn and study how you use our services and for the scope of improvement
  • Regularly update you with our content assets like emails, blogs, newsletters and other information
  • Deliver advertisements when you are using our services or any other media channel and study the effectiveness of our advertisement and promotional material both on and off the service and perform other forms of metrics

Additionally, we may use the service and website information to guarantee the safety of our services and to assist in the prevention of any illegal conduct, such as possible harm to individuals, fraud, or violation of our terms and conditions.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

Kipplo has a data retention policy based on the types of data that are collected and the purpose behind its collection, as well as keeping in mind the requirement and need to destroy unused data and outdated data at the earliest as possible.

Contacts: We keep your data as long as it is necessary to provide our services, after which it is archived for meeting legal requirements, settling disagreements, and upholding our policy.

End Users: As long as you have subscribed to Kipplo, we reserve the right to retain your data.  We may keep your data for up to three or more years following the last activity in your account to comply with the laws such as GDPR , CCPA and more to avoid any potential disputes.

Licensees: As long as the licensee has access to our subscription (paid and unpaid), we reserve the rights to the licensee’s data, barring compliance with legal requirements. In this instance, however, the information will be kept by the firm for at least three years following the last activity on your account, and it will only be accessed when necessary. (For instance, in case of a dispute.)

Furthermore, the data is archived in an unstructured database for at least three years in order to curate our B2B database. The information is kept in our suppression list as long as we provide our services to the licensee. We continue to exclude those individuals from our B2B database who have chosen not to use our services.

How Do We Share Information?

Businesses that carry out services for us, with us, or on behalf of us, including advertisements and technological infrastructure providers, tech & customer help, hosting services, billing & payment providers, and data enhancement services.

Companies and data partners who are curating new data services and solutions. Additionally, the information is disclosed only when we have your permission or are required to do so by law.

Transfer of Your Data

The user’s personal information will be handled at our operating offices or any other location where the parties involved are based. Personal information may be transferred to and stored on systems located outside of your state, nation, or other governmental jurisdiction where data protection laws may differ from yours.

Links to Other Websites

Our website may contain external links form other sources that are not operated by us. If redirected to a third party website we strongly advise that you read their privacy statement. We don’t have the authority or the responsibility for the content or privacy policies of the third party sites or services.


We take all the necessary steps to protect the information from potential security threats. However, we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of security risks or breaches. When you provide us with the information, you do so at your own risk. But you can always take safety measures, such as:

  • Having a strong and unique password for our services
  • Periodically changing your password
  • Ensuring the device used to access our services has updated software
  • Ensuring the device used to access our services has anti-virus protection
  • Notifying suspicious activity in your account
Children’s Privacy

We do not serve anybody under the age of 13 and do not collect any personal information from anyone under the age of 13. If the child has supplied their information to our services, their parents can contact us to have it deleted. If we obtain data from a child under the age of 13 without parental consent, we will take the required steps to delete the information from our B2B database.

Compliance With Google Chrome Extension Policies

Upon installing the Kipplo chrome extension, rest assured that any information we collect remains restricted. Our users’ privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we do not engage in sharing the data. The information we may gather pertains solely to your usage of our services, contact details, and other pertinent data

Specifically, we do not use our chrome extension data for:

  • Kipplo does not transfer or use user data for personalized advertisements.
  • Kipplo does not transfer or use user data to determine creditworthiness or money lending capacity.
Changes To This Policy

As our business operations and privacy laws evolve, this policy will be updated as necessary over time to reflect the changes. If the privacy policy is modified, the policy will be updated on this page with the changed date. If you are dissatisfied with the policy or its changes, you can delete your account and should only provide further information once the issue is resolved.

Deleting Your Account

You can submit a request from your registered email address to delete your account. Upon receiving the request, we keep the right to permanently delete your account from our database. As required by law and for business purposes, we sometimes reserve the right to retain account information for some time. Deleting your account itself may not completely erase the information you have submitted to the service.

Contact Us
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