Currently, we offer direct dials and email addresses of key decision-makers for India region. We’re aiming to incorporate global data in near future.

Cookie Policy

When you interact with our services, we employ various tracking technologies, such as cookies, APIs, pixel tags, script tags, etc., to ensure smooth usage. Tracking technology is used to collect information about you and your device. We utilize this data for performance analytics and statistics to better understand how users use our services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit a website. The data saved in a cookie file can be either numbers or letters. Your device stores cookies to improve surfing efficiency, for instance, by storing information about your language preference.

Cookies are only used on websites with the sole intention of improving user navigation. Cookies preserve your preference data and improve user interaction with a website. Additionally, cookies guarantee that you only see relevant adverts while on the page.

Manage and Modify cookie settings

 We do not comply with the automated browser signals, including ‘Do Not Track’ requests. Yet, there are a variety of other methods you can modify and manage the cookie settings to suit your needs. However, banning or removing could reduce some service features’ effectiveness.

Turning off cookies via your web browser

Users can examine what cookie information is kept on their computer; they can choose to keep or delete specific cookie files and enable or deactivate cookies for specific web pages. Cookie information is available in practically all web browsers, and the user can disable third-party cookies individually. Please note that the browser settings for managing and controlling cookies only apply to those specific websites, and the changes may or may not reflect across various browsers.